Course Overview

Stapled hemorrhoidopexy arose as an alternative to surgical hemorrhoidectomy in the late 1990s, when circular staplers became part of the surgical armamentarium for treatment of hemorrhoidal disease. The procedure results in less postoperative pain, quicker recovery, and shorter hospital stays for patients and a reduction in operating time for surgeons.

This online training program provides didactic lectures, surgical videos and a training quiz to gauge your level of understanding of the material.

The program is designed to work in conjunction with a hands-on product demonstration performed by your Covidien representative. If you have not been contacted by a Covidien representitive within 30 days of completing this training module, please contact Covidien Customer Service at 800-722-8772.

Target Audience
This online program is designed to meet the educational needs of practicing colorectal and general surgeons with extensive specialty-level knowledge of anorectal anatomy. Hemorrhoidopexy is most safely performed by well-trained colorectal and general surgeons who have incorporated this aspect of surgery into their regular clinical practice. 

The module is designed to enhance surgeons’ understanding of the procedure and is not a replacement for clinical training.  For those who do not routinely perform stapled Hemorrhoidopexy, a Covidien MasterClass or Enhanced Clinical Immersion is required prior to use of the Covidien EEA™ Hemorrhoid and Prolapse stapler set with DST Series™ technology.  

This online program is not a replacement for clinical training and course viewers will seek an additional MasterClass, Enhanced Clinical Immersion or Product Demonstration prior to use of the Covidien EEA™ Hemorrhoid and Prolapse stapler set with DST Series technology.

Learning Objective
At the completion of this program the participant will be able to:

  • Describe indications, contraindications, and surgical guidelines associated with stapled hemorrhoidopexy
  • Discuss equipment and instrumentation for stapled hemorrhoidopexy; specifically the Covidien EEA™ Hemorrhoid and Prolapse stapler set with DST Series™ technology
  • Describe the key steps and criteria for safe and effective outcomes of stapled hemorrhoidopexy
  • Describe preoperative and postoperative patient care related to stapled hemorrhoidopexy
  • Describe complications and how to handle them
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Advances in Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy

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